I’m Ariella, a Visual Artist and Graphic Designer based in Los Angeles. My work is a merging of realism and dark surrealism, aesthetically rooted in underground metal artwork and fine art technique. I strive to capture atmosphere and depict beauty as seen through my own lens, often inspired by feminine energy, anatomy, psychology, and the darker aspects of nature and human experiences. My work is a cathartic process of communicating with shadows and light, textural elements, and detailed layering. In each of my pieces I’ve weaved in a part of myself, delving into my own psyche to evoke what words fall short in expressing. 

In my current body of work, I explore the themes of truth, acceptance, rebirth, and transformation as they relate to my own journey of spirit and self. I am bringing forth a series representative of my most authentic self, holding narratives through which I have found my own light amongst darkness.

I have discovered that our human experiences have much more in common than we might realize. I've aligned with people of entirely different backgrounds, through a shared inner knowing and experience. Jung called this "synchronicity," and I believe that these are more than simply coincidences. The spirit, like art, is transcendental and I feel that where art has the power to move the soul, the two are deeply connected. Like a mirror, I hope that this body of work will resonate with my audience wherever they are, and communicate a deep inner truth and knowing. 

I am currently open for commissions and gallery exhibitions. Please get in touch with me and let’s talk about your ideas! 


Avantgarde Music | Fallen Empire Records Terratur Possessions | SugarMynt Gallery | Highland Church of the 8th Day Illimitable Dolor | Aureole 


La Bodega Gallery - San Diego, CA | 2019

SugarMynt Gallery - South Pasadena, CA | 2019 

Calvaria Gallery - Millville, NJ | 2019 

Hyaena Gallery Burbank, CA | 2019

La Bodega Gallery San Diego, CA | 2019

Kline Academy of Fine Art Los Angeles, CA | 2018

Meltdown Comics - Hollywood, CA | 2014

Anzoh Art Gallery - Glendale, CA | 2013 - 2014

Les Noces du Figaro Los Angeles, CA | 2013


ArtCenter College of Design | Graphic Design

Pasadena City College | Graphic Design

Art Institute of California - Hollywood | Graphic Design